[WATCH] Fourth Woman Accuses San Diego Sheriff’s Deputy of Sex Assault

SAN DIEGO – On Friday, a fourth woman came forward with disturbing allegations of sexual assault by a San Diego County Sheriff’s Deputy.

The woman said Deputy Richard Fischer groped her while she was cuffed in a patrol car and even looked through her cellphone without permission.

Her story is similar to what an East County woman shared with News 8 earlier this week.

All of the allegations have taken place in the last two years, according to the women’s attorneys. Further, the attorneys said the statute of limitations is nearing and therefore they plan to file suit for at least three of the alleged victims by next week.

According to the fourth woman’s attorney, Marlea Dell’Ano, Deputy Fischer went through her client’s cellphone without a warrant or probable cause.

“He makes a comment that ‘wow, you have a lot of selfies.’ He then made a comment, ‘why do you have so many nudies?’ She was really taken aback and he said, ‘oh, I am just kidding,’” said Dell’Ano.

Dell’Ano said the incident took place while her client was under arrest in November 2015, for drug possession, in the back of Fischer’s patrol car in handcuffs.

“He touched her underneath her sweatshirt, rubbed around her waistband,” said Dell’Ano.

Dell’Ano said that during a third search, Fischer asked her client if he was making her feel uncomfortable – claiming he wanted to know her better.

“What I think disturbed even more was the next comment was, ‘if I accidentally cop and feel, it was an accident,’” said Dell’Ano.

The fourth woman’s claims are similar to the allegations a third alleged victim made after she claimed she was handcuffed in the back seat in East County in January of last year. She too claimed Fischer inappropriately fondled her.

Earlier this week, the third alleged victim told News 8, “He sat me down and as he tried to put the seatbelt over me, he fondled my breast, he rubbed his arm and palm up and down on my breast.”

Two other women have accused Deputy Fischer of responding to a call in her San Marcos home and then coming back alone – asking to use the restroom but before leaving asking for a hug and allegedly fondling the other single women.

“I think the evidence is going to corroborate each one of these women’s stories,” said Dell’Ano.

Attorneys for the fourth woman said she reported it to her public defender who told her it’s ‘your word against the deputy’s.’

The first alleged victim filed a claim against the county for $6 million.

The Sheriff’s department said Deputy Fischer continues to be on desk duty and the department continues to investigate the allegations.

In response to a request for a statement, Gary Moore, President of the Deputy Sheriff’s Association of San Diego, said “This is an open investigation and I will not be able to make any comments at this time.”

Source: http://www.cbs8.com/story/36876042/fourth-woman-accuses-san-diego-sheriffs-deputy-of-sex-assault

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