WATCH: Georgia Police Release Body Cam Footage From Controversial Routine Stop

AVONDALE ESTATES, GA – Avondale Police have released body cam footage of a controversial routine stop.

Last week, an Avondale Police Officer stopped two brothers and their cousin in the parking lot of Pin-Ups Strip Club. Their lawyer, Shawn McCullers, is not happy with the footage.

“Once the stop was initiated, my clients were handcuffed for 27 minutes and detained in total for 39 minutes,” McCullers says. “The problem is that the Supreme Court has deemed that a reasonable officer doing a routine traffic stop should be able to complete all the tasks that include identifying people, running names through the database checking registration, and insurance in 10 minutes.”

According to the video, about six minutes into the stop, there seems to be confusion when a second officer makes a discovery.

“This car’s not stolen, the front plate is missing,” an officer says on tape.

McCullers says, “He told him quite simply, this isn’t a stolen vehicle, not a stolen plate.” He believes his client should have been let go immediately. “At the very least they should have been taken out of those handcuffs,” says McCuller.

In an official statement, the mayor of Avondale Estates told CBS46:

The officer was in the process of running tags on cars within the jurisdiction of the city.

However, in the police report obtained by CBS46, the officer states he was conducting “radar detail.”

The wording is also different in the police report CBS46 received, versus the one attorney McCullers received.

McCullers says, “The language was softened in the report I received to seem to try to engender that this officer wasn’t necessarily being forceful and aggressive.”


CBS46 News