[WATCH] Grainger County Mom Sues Over Arrest Caught on Body Camera

RUTLEDGE, Tenn. – Body camera video showed a woman’s encounter with a Grainger County deputy that ended with her handcuffed and arrested. Jessica Greenlee is now suing to have the deputy fired over what happened.

Greenlee wound up being charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. In the lawsuit, she claimed the deputy is liable for damages for use of excessive force and outrageous conduct.

This all unfolded after deputies were dispatched to a domestic dispute in the parking lot of the sheriff’s office. Greenlee was meeting her ex-husband for a custody exchange.

Danny Wright, former police chief of the Rockwood Police Department, looked over the lawsuit, video and incident report detailing the arrest.

“I don’t know if I see excessive force because up into the point they are put in the car, all I see is someone who is doing what they should not have done,” he said.

Wright believed this is a hard case against the department. He said in the video, he could hear the deputy giving Greenlee orders several times.

“Real simple. If she had listened and complied, it would have never gotten to the point it got to,” he said.

The lawsuit said the deputy forced and kicked her into the back of his cruiser. The woman asked for the deputy to be removed for misconduct.

To watch the videos click here: http://wate.com/2017/11/20/grainger-county-mom-sues-over-arrest-caught-on-body-camera/