WATCH: Hallandale Beach Suspends Cops for Beating, Tasering Man on Video

May has been an absolutely awful month in South Florida for police-misconduct videos, from the Miami Police Department cop charged with assault for taking a flying kick at someone’s head, to the Miami-Dade County cops who shot a man for holding nothing but a screwdriver, to the Miami Beach officer who told a bunch of bikers to “fucking crash and die.” That list doesn’t count the other local officers who shot suspects this month or got suspended for writing online that they hoped someone would run over Parkland teen activists.

This morning, there’s yet another incident: Hallandale Beach Police have suspended two cops after they were filmed brutally beating and tasering an unarmed man whom witnesses say is mentally ill.

A bystander recorded harrowing footage of the two officers repeatedly using their batons to whack the man while he screams in agony. After the cops get the man on the ground, he continues screaming, gets tasered, and even gets hit again with a baton. The bystander yells at the officers to stop, and they respond by shouting back at the witness:

According to WPLG, the victim is Daniel James Dunkelberger, who has a long list of criminal charges in Broward, including a few violent felonies. In the footage, a man can be heard admitting he called the cops because Dunkelberger stole something from him; the witness responds that he still shouldn’t be getting his head busted open like a rotten egg. According to an arrest report WPLG obtained, Dunkelberger is accused of reaching into someone’s open car window to try to steal some items.

Hallandale city officials agreed with the witness that the beating was disturbing. In a news conference at 6:30 p.m. yesterday, the city announced it has suspended the two officers — 11-year veteran Jamie Cerna and 35-year veteran Richard Allen — amid an investigation.

“There is video of two of our officers in an altercation with someone,” City Manager Roger Carlton said outside city hall. “I will tell you after viewing that video it is of serious concern to the police department, to me as city manager, and certainly to our elected officials.”


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