WATCH: All Hell Breaks Loose When Bystanders Stop NY Cop From Arresting Girl Who Argued With Him

Woman argues with police officer in NYC — screenshot

17 May 2015

A New York City police officer thought better of arresting a 14-year-old girl who argued with him when spectators jumped to her defense, getting between the cop and young woman.

According to the Free Thought Project and the Copwatch Patrol Unit who posted the video on their Facebook page, police were responding to a report that a child had pushed a button on a police call box in the West Harlem neighborhood.

One officer questions two young females after dragging them over by his car by their arms. After releasing both girls and climbing back into his car, a passing woman instructs one of the girls to get the officer’s badge number and full name.

While asking the officer for the information, telling him he had no right to manhandle her, the enraged officer leaps out of his car and attempts to grab her again.

Then all hell breaks loose as the girl pulls away from him and multiple bystanders jump in between the two, tugging the girl way from him while shouting at the officer that he has no cause to arrest her.

As his partner steps in — telling everyone to back off — the officer makes his way back to his car, once again attempting to grab the girl before giving up, getting into his car, and driving off.

As he pulls away, one man can be heard yelling, “Respect the neighborhood.”

Watch the video below from Michael Barber of the Copwatch Patrol Unit: