WATCH: Horrifying Moment a Texas Cop Draws His Gun on Group of Children

A shocking video has emerged of a Texas cop drawing his gun at a group of children and pushing one of their mothers.

The video was filmed in El Paso on Thursday near a recreation center. Police had been called to deal with reported criminal trespassing. When the two officers arrived, they were confronted by the group of youngsters.

One of them pulled out his phone and filmed as the officer held his friend in the ground.

As the rest of the children shouted expletives towards him, the cop drew his gun and pointed it at them.

It startled the children who stepped back but carried on shouting at him.

Suddenly, the second cop sprang into action and together they pulled the detained boy along the ground while the other children shouted.

Next, the police officer pulled out his baton and snapped it at his side to extend it.

He approached one of the boy’s mothers, who was standing watching the commotion, and pushed her to one side.

The cop then shouted at the remaining kids to ‘get back!’.

The mother retaliated, shouting: ‘Don’t you push me!’ Before responding to her, the cop walked up to her face.

Then, he screamed: ‘I’m telling you to move!’ and pushed her again.

‘Don’t be pushing me. You can say excuse me. You do not touch.’

He walked away from her and the rest of the children who were still shouting profanities at him.

As one of the officers handcuffed the boy on the ground, the other grabbed the boy who was filming by the wrist.

‘What are you doing? I’m just recording!’ he said as he was taken away.

He passed the phone to the mother in the group so they could continue filming.

She yelled profanities and told the officers: ‘Learn to do your job right!’

The cop who had earlier pushed her then walked towards her and said: ‘Come here’.

The mother, determined not to get arrested, shouted: ‘F*** you,’ and started running away.

As she sped up, the cop shouted at her: ‘I know where you live.’

The cop then returned to face the group of children and shouted at them: ‘Do something! Do something!’

He moved closer to one boy and towered over him as he shouted: ‘You’re pulling a gun on a little kid?’

The cop then took him away to the car, leading him with his arms pulled behind his back.

‘Just because he is my son they are taking him in. Somebody’s going to end up dead one of these days,’ the mother said.

Two more cops arrived and tried to diffuse the situation. They approached the children and said: ‘Hey, calm down, calm down.’

The cop was placed on desk duty as a result of the incident.

Two people were taken into custody as a result of the altercation. One was a minor and one was an adult. Police alleged that they interfered with an investigation.