WATCH: Horrifying Video Shows Cops Tell K9 “Good Boy” as they Let Him Maul a Handcuffed Man

September 8, 2015

Palm Beach County, FL – A video uploaded to Facebook yesterday is garnering a massive amount of attention, for good reason. In a horrifying example of police brutality, the video shows multiple officers subduing an unarmed suspect. However, what takes place after the suspect is handcuffed can only be described as an unconscionable and completely unnecessary act of police torture.

According to the video uploader; Nick Palermo.

“I was at work when I saw 5 cop cars stop across the street from my job in Del Ray Beach. They all ran out of their cars and I started filming. Now I don’t know why the police were call (sic) or what this guy did that made the police go after him but from what I saw he was clearly unarmed, 6 police officers tackled him to the floor and repetitively punched and kicked him”

During the video, many officers can be heard yelling ‘stop fighting with us.’ This was undoubtedly the officers’ rendition of ‘Stop resisting,’ even though the man was already handcuffed.

While commanding a subdued and handcuffed suspect to stop resisting may seem ridiculous, it is a common tactic used by law enforcement. In June of this year, Officer Mark Magness mercilessly pummeled a man who was handcuffed and strapped to a chair while repeatedly yelling ‘stop resisting.’

Had the officers’ tackling and subduing of a suspect been the end of this encounter, perhaps most people would view this video as slightly excessive but nothing out of the normal for what law enforcement deals with on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

As the incident unfolds, the officer unleashes a K-9 on the already handcuffed suspect. While the dog is attacking the defenseless man, the K-9’s handler can be heard saying ‘Good Boy’ as if to offer positive reinforcement for viciously mauling a defenseless human being.

While the video abruptly ends moments after the attack, Mr. Palermo added:

“After the video stopped the ambulance came and from what I saw the man was not moving and was bleeding out badly.”

This disturbing video is by no means an ‘exception to the rule’. Police regularly use their K-9 partners to inflict torture on suspects. Earlier this year police in Vineland, NJ released a K-9 on Phillip White, whom an eyewitness described as ‘out cold.’ White was savagely mauled by the K-9 officer and later died in police custody.

One month prior to the death of Phillip White, body cam footage of a Utah resident being mauled by a K-9 during a police invasion of his home was released. The footage showed the terrifying attack of Martin Lee Hoogveldt by a police dog. Mr. Hoogveldt has since undergone $60,000 in reconstructive surgery due to the incident.

On their Facebook page the Delray Beach police state their mission as:

“protecting life, property and the rights of all people; resolving issues and promoting peace in our community through ongoing partnerships”

After watching this video, one can only wonder how these officers could possibly claim they were promoting peace or protecting this man’s life by unleashing an animal to viciously maul him.


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