[WATCH] Hot Dog Vendor Receives $87K Check After Cop Seizes His Money in Viral Video

(Meredith) – A hot dog vendor in California received thousands of donations after a police officer confiscated his money while issuing a citation earlier this month.

Supporters presented Juan “Beto” Macias with a $87,921 check on Saturday, KTVU reports. More than 5,000 people helped raise the money through a GoFundMe campaign.

On Sept. 9, a University of California police officer cited Macias for selling food outside a college football game without a license and seized $60 from his wallet.

Martin Flores recorded the incident and posted the video on Facebook. It’s been watched more than 2.4 million times. In the video, Flores questions the officer’s decision to confiscate the vendor’s money, claiming it was unfair.

However, a university police sergeant said the officer took the money as evidence of the “suspected proceeds of the violation.”

Flores later set up the GoFundMe campaign to help Macias buy a food truck and pay for legal fees.

UC Berkeley Vice Chancellor Scott Biddy said in a statement that the university has instructed officers to monitor illegal vending outside event venues over concerns about public health.

He said the university’s practice is to issue warnings before giving a citation.

University police are currently investigating the incident.

Source: http://www.fox10tv.com/story/36441973/hot-dog-vendor-receives-87000-check-after-cop-seizes-his-money-in-viral-video

UC Berkeley Police Take Every Dollar From Street Vendor's Wallet

UC Berkeley Police confronted this street vendor for selling hotdogs to football fans. He didn't have a permit, so it's understandable that they gave him a ticket.

What doesn't makes sense is this cop (Officer Sean Aranas) flipping through the man's wallet and taking every dollar he has on him.

Officer Aranas: "This is law and order in action."

How can Aranas get away with this? Civil forfeiture laws give cops the legal authority to rob unlucky people like Juan, who just wanted to work hard and make a living. This legalized thuggery has pretty much always existed in America, but the difference now is that we're able to film these injustices on the spot.

What are you doing about this UC Berkeley?

(Filmed by UCB alum Martin Flores)

Posted by Woke Folks on Sunday, 10 September 2017