WATCH: Houston Police Officer Heard Telling Woman to Put Hands up and ‘Pretend Like We’re Going to Shoot You’

HOUSTON, Texas – A viral video involving Houston police officers is now under investigation after an officer was recorded ordering four individuals to exit a vehicle.

In a video recorded by Denee Harris, an officer can be heard over the loudspeaker saying, “Hands up! Put your hands up. Over your head! Pretend like we’re going to shoot you.”

“Why would he say that?” Harris said in the video.

Another officer confiscated one of the passenger’s crutches, throwing them on the ground, and an officer can be seen driving the vehicle away from the scene.

Harris is heard commenting in the video, and later told Storyful News, “I was so scared. I didn’t know how it was going to end.”

The reason for the traffic stop and detentions were not immediately clear.