WATCH: Illinois Police Officer Charged With Threatening to Kill Wife

Jesse Williams

DOLTON, Ill. — The ex-wife of a suburban police officer who is now charged with threatening to kill his current wife spoke out about her experience with the officer.

Jesse Williams’ first wife said her ex-husband is violent and should not have access to a gun.

Williams met his first wife in college during spring break. She said he was charming and fun but gradually showed signs of violence. Two days after they were married in August 2011, he punched her in the face.

“On our honeymoon, I went out of town with a busted lip. And that was the first time,” she said.

Then in March of 2012, just seven months later, she said Williams went into a rage because she didn’t want to buy the house he wanted.

“He asked me what I think of the home and I was like, ‘Absolutely not.’ While I was driving, he was throwing the car into park. So there was an incident there where someone called police,” she said.

On Monday, Williams’ current wife called Chicago police saying he was threatening to kill her. When officers got to the 1500 block of South Spaulding they said Williams was naked and had retrieved his pistol from his car. When he saw police, he ran back into the apartment. The Cook County State’s Attorney said he chased his wife into the bathroom, shoved her in the tub and put the gun to her forehead. He then let her go and sent her to let the police in while he unloaded two guns, a Walther pistol and a .38 caliber Ruger.

His first wife said it was a similar experience that she had with him, after the house incident, on March 7.

“I went into the bathroom and locked the door. He was upset that I locked the door. He broke into the door,” she said.

She said he started choking her. She knew then she was leaving.

“He chased me from the front to the back of the house. And kept spitting on me. Spitting everywhere,” she said.

She got out of the house and asked a passerby to call 911. Court papers show Williams was accused of holding her against her will, causing bruising to her arm, and punching her in the left side so hard her head slammed into a wall. A judge found him not guilty.

Even though she got several orders of protection against him, Williams would show up at her church and sit in front of her. He would stalk her and her family.

Williams was also charged with misdemeanor battery against a fiancée two years before he allegedly attacked his wife. He was found not guilty. There are three women who have allegedly been victims of his abuse.

“I’m afraid that he can kill someone. This is the third time. Someone shouldn’t have to lose their lives for someone to see what he’s doing,” she said.

Williams is being held in the Cook County Jail without bail.

Dolton police stripped him of his police powers.

He was on the force for 10 years.