WATCH: Jacksonville Man’s Invention Created to Help Drivers and Law Enforcement

JACKSONVILLE, North Carolina, Onslow County – An incident with police led to an idea by a Jacksonville man who hopes his invention will help relieve stress for law enforcement and drivers.

The device is called the Pullover Pal and Ronnie Fulcher said it can make dealing with the police a lot less stressful. He said a run-in with the police a few years ago is what inspired the device.

“They were really nervous and I was nervous too,” Fulcher said. “I was like ‘There should be a way to relieve some of that, and I had the idea, if you could have everything there, it could be good for both of us.”

The device allows a driver to store their license, registration and other vehicle information an officer might need when someone is pulled over. It hangs on the window for easy access. It has become popular with mean, including the deaf community. It’s been one year since the patent for the device and since then, he’s had orders from all over the world.

Fulcher makes them right at home and hopes the small design can defeat a major communication barrier when being pulled over.

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