WATCH: Kentucky State Police Trooper Kicks Inmate in Daviess County

Video has been released, showing a Kentucky State Police trooper kicking a Daviess County inmate while he was still handcuffed.

The video shows Trooper Joshua Turner kick Nazarene Ingram, Jr. following an arrest on June 24.

In the video, the trooper and the inmate appear to be arguing during processing.

While seemingly trying to get the inmate to sit down, the video shows the trooper kick the inmate in his stomach.

“Have a seat on the bench,” Trooper Turner said following the kick.

The force of the kick moves the inmate back towards bench.

Ingram responds to the kick in the video by saying, “Oh, you’re going to kick me on camera?”

Later in the video, Ingram tells the trooper he’s going to have his lawyer look at the camera.

Kentucky State Police said an internal investigation is taking place in reference to the actions in the video.

Ingram was arrested on charges of trafficking meth, operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, careless driving, and carrying a concealed weapon.