[WATCH] Lawyer Identifies Southaven Police Who Fatally Shot Man at Wrong Address

A lawyer representing the family of a man fatally shot by Southaven police in July has identified the two officers he believes were responsible, but the city is not confirming it.

Aaron Neglia, an attorney with the Memphis-based Horne & Wells law firm, said Thursday the firm identified the officers through a “reliable source” in Southaven. Neglia would not identify the source.

Neglia said he hoped naming the officers he believes were involved, which he did during a press conference at the law firm’s downtown office, would put pressure on Southaven to release the information.

“Every other police-involved shooting we’ve represented the family on, the issue was always whether it was justified or not justified,” Neglia said. “It wasn’t identifying the officers.”

Since the identities could not be confirmed independently, The Commercial Appeal is not naming the officers cited by Neglia.

Nick Manley, an attorney for Butler Snow law firm who is representing Southaven, told Neglia in a letter dated Sept. 1 and provided by Neglia that personnel files Neglia requested were exempt from Public Record requests under Mississippi law. Manley did provide a list of all officers on duty the evening of the July 23 shooting. The two officers identified by Neglia are on the list.

Manley could not be reached for comment Thursday.

Lopez, 41, was shot at his home on Surrey Lane in Southaven the evening of July 23. District Attorney John Champion said shortly after the shooting that officers were looking for a domestic violence suspect. Champion said the officers may have been at the wrong house since there were no warrants for Lopez’s arrest.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is investigating the case. Champion said Aug. 10 he expected the MBI investigation to take another 6-8 weeks.

Southaven Mayor Darren Musselwhite issued a statement shortly after the shooting in which he said the city would not comment until the MBI investigation is finished.

“Contrary to what is circulating in the media,” Musselwhite said, “the City of Southaven considers all facts and complete information before forming judgments and taking action. We are diligently gathering facts at this time and will have no other comment until the investigation by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation has been completed.”

Source: http://www.commercialappeal.com/story/news/2017/09/28/ismael-lopez-southaven-police-lawyer-identifies/714441001/