[WATCH] Louisiana Man Dies After Being Tased And Taken To The Ground By Police

A man died after being tased multiple times and taken to the ground by police officers outside a Walmart in Marksville, Louisiana on Friday.

A spokesman with the Avoyelles Parish Sheriff’s Office said deputies saw Armando Frank, 42, sitting on a tractor outside the store around 11:15 a.m. He also said Frank was wanted on several warrants, reported KALB.

Deputies said when they tried to arrest Frank, he resisted and was tasered 2 times before the 3 deputies were able to take him to the ground.

That was when Frank’s breathing reportedly became shallow, so deputies called for an ambulance, but Frank died at a hospital.

“We’re just going to wait for the autopsy to come back, which is scheduled for Monday,” the spokesman said. “And we will have a better idea of any other circumstances when the autopsy comes back.”

“We do have body camera footage and after the coroner’s report, the entire thing will be sent to the district attorney for review. As always, there is oversight in everything and we welcome any review,” the spokesman added.

The 3 deputies were treated for minor injuries they received during the scuffle with the man who is now dead.

Avoyelles Parish officials said a warrant for Frank’s arrest was issued on October 12 for simple criminal trespassing and attempted unauthorized entering of an inhabited dwelling.

Source: http://truthfight.com/video-louisiana-man-dies-tased-taken-ground-cops/