WATCH: Mall Cop Berates Hispanic Woman For ‘Having Babies’ and Being ‘Probably on Welfare’

A mall security officer berates a woman outside a Target in San Diego (Screen cap).

13 Nov 2017

A mall security guard in San Diego was caught on camera this weekend going off on a racist rant against a Hispanic woman, whom he accused of being in the United States illegally.

ABC 10 News reports that the security guard, who has not been publicly identified, confronted a Hispanic woman who was standing in a parking lot outside of a Target store with her baby. The woman was asking passersby for money to help feed her baby.

“You’re illegally here and you’re having babies and you’re probably on welfare,” the guard tells the woman.

When another woman comes to defend the Hispanic woman, the guard tells her that the Hispanic woman is engaging in a “scam,” and he claims that she owns a car and a condo — and thus doesn’t need to beg for money.

The woman responded that she would report the security officer to his company for harassing the woman.

ABC 10 News reached out to the security guard’s employer for comment but so far has not received any response.