Watch: Man Arrested for Filming Police after Off Duty Female Deputy Kills Shoplifter

Khalfani Akata Bey was visiting his local Wal-Mart, when he arrived, he discovered an incident where a man suspected of shoplifting had been shot and killed by an off-duty Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Khalfani was arrested for filming the aftermath of the incident but was later released when he invoked his rights and asked to speak to a supervisor. He had committed no crime while filming the public servants. He was on private property that is open to the public and should not have been arrested.

The Raytown Police Department says officers were called to the scene of an officer-involved shooting at Walmart in the 10300 block of Blue Parkway on Sunday.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office said an off-duty female deputy that has not been named was injured after trying to catch a man accused of shoplifting while working as loss prevention at the store. They say the man reached for the deputy’s taser and so the deputy responded by firing her gun an undisclosed amount of times.

According to reports the man who was shot by the deputy sadly died later that day at a local hospital and the female deputy involved in this incident has been placed on paid leave. Police also said the deputy was treated for injuries but he would not elaborate on her condition.

The investigation into this incident is ongoing and you can watch the video filmed by Mr Bey below.