WATCH: Man Says He Was Pulled Over in a Kansas Town, and ‘Vegetation’ Led to a Search

When a man was pulled over by police in a Kansas town on Sunday, his car was searched after an officer found “vegetation” in his window, video shows.

Rudy Samuel went live on Facebook at 5:40 p.m. Sunday and said in the video that police told him he had been pulled over in Winfield for allegedly failing to signal a turn within 100 feet.

The video shows an officer at a patrol cruiser as Samuel talks about being pulled over. When the officer returns, the video shows, he uses a hand without a glove to pick up what he calls “vegetation stuff” from the driver’s window seal.

Samuel tells the officer that the vegetation is “tree stuff.”

The officer said he was going to put it in a bag, and Samuel said, “I don’t even smoke.”

When the officer returns, he tells Samuel to get out of his car, the video shows. Samuel said the officer has to test it first, but the officer replies that, “I’ll test it here in a little bit, OK, I ain’t got to test it right now.”

The officer repeats that Samuel must get out of the car, and as Samuel asks why, the officer forcibly removes him, video shows.

The video goes dark, but the microphone picks up the officer saying that Samuel is being detained so police can search the vehicle. Samuel replies that he does not consent to a search, saying police must test the vegetation first.

The video abruptly ends after someone picked up the phone.

In a comment on the Facebook video, Samuel wrote that, “Yea straight Stereotyped me he grab my phone I told him he better get a warrant for it so he powered it off.”

Winfield police Chief Brett Stone was not available when a reporter called Thursday evening.

Stone told the Cowley Courier Traveler that he would not comment because he was still reviewing the incident.

No drugs were found in the car, no case was opened and Samuel was not arrested, NewsCow-KSOK reported. Two warnings were issued after the stop.


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