[WATCH] Memphis Police Department Officer Found Guilty and Convicted of Rape

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A jury convicted a former Memphis police officer of attempted rape Thursday.

Darrell Malone stood stunned when the jury read its verdict.

Malone was originally facing a rape charge, but jurors dropped it to attempted rape.

In April 2013, a month after Memphis Police Department kicked Malone off the force for another incident, Malone met a 19-year-old woman at Oak Court Mall.

They quickly became casual friends until he forced himself on her inside his apartment in Cordova days later.

“She was pleading to stop. ‘Please stop.’ Yet he did not,” said Prosecutor Bryce Phillips in his closing statement.

Prosecutors said it was difficult for the victim to relive that night. She was full of tears while on the stand for hours.

“See if it makes sense if a victim would want to come in here and lie about something three and a half years later and lie under oath,” said Phillips.

The defense tried to throw out her story. They asked why the victim waited several months before going to police.

They also pointed out the lack of forensic evidence.

“We are disappointed in the verdict, but we understand this is their option to do this. We did not feel he was guilty of rape,” said Defense Attorney Thomas Hansom.

The back and forth lasted three days in the courtroom. Malone did not testify.

After the trial, he quickly walked through the halls into the bathroom to avoid our cameras.

Sentencing is set for November 30, 2016.

Malone faces up to fifteen years behind bars.

“I will review [verdict] with my client. We will review the notes, the records and determine what else we will do at that point,” said Hansom.

Malone is free on bond.

The judge did not revoke it. One of those reasons being that he has shown up to all his court appearances.

Source: http://wreg.com/2016/10/27/former-mpd-officer-found-guilty-in-2013-rape/

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