WATCH: Michigan Man Tied Down & Beaten by Police Hasn’t Given up Hope

July 17, 2017

Eastpointe, Michigan – Concerning the brutal beating of his Client Frankie Taylor on August 15, 2015, who was restrained and then beaten by Eastpointe Officers after a traffic stop, Attorney Jim Rasor said “further forensic clarification of the video appears to show that a weapon was used to beat Frankie Taylor into unconsciousness and cause partial blindness, post-traumatic stress disorder and probable traumatic brain injury.”

“The video clearly shows an apparent weapon”, said Ken Glaza, a well-respected forensic video analysis expert at K&R Forensic in Southfield, Michigan. Mr. Glaza continued, “a detailed analysis of the video recording definitely shows what appears to be a weapon held by an Officer as he repeatedly lands blows on Mr. Taylors face or head. This is the officer who repeatedly states “stop resisting” as he beats the victim.

“The alleged weapon appears to be an expandable baton which is commonly kept on Officer’s belts, and is visible above the officer’s shoulder as he lifts his hand to hit the victim” said Glaza, adding, “as the officer was clearly wearing purple gloves, and the item in his hand is black, there is no question that we are not looking at the officer’s hand in the video.”

Rasor, a trial lawyer for over 25 years with extensive experience in discrimination and police brutality cases says he’s shocked and outraged by the video.

“It’s clear that excessive force was used by the officers and they escalated the situation from a peaceful interaction between a drunk driving suspect to a brutal and lawless beating by multiple officers on a restrained black man who was not threating the officers or resisting lawful force. More shocking is that the officers antagonized Frankie by denying him a phone call when a white arrestee was allowed a call, verbally demeaned Mr. Taylor’s black pride clothing, and called him demeaning phrases like ‘little man” and used vulgarities towards him”, said Attorney Rasor.

“What is abundantly clear from the video footage is that Frankie Taylor makes no attempt to harm any officers despite the officers demeaning him, repeatedly using unprofessional vulgarities towards him and otherwise abusing their authority against a peaceful prisoner.” Rasor continued, “It appears that the brutal beating would not have occurred but for the officers’ use of antagonistic and demeaning rhetoric, their denial of a telephone call to obtain necessary medicine and the Officer’s racial bias towards Taylor and his clothing, and the Officer’s physical escalation of the situation.”

“What is clear from the video is that Mr. Taylor repeatedly asked to make phone calls to his wife to bring vital medicine to the station which he is required to take as well as his sister who is a police officer to explain whether he should submit to the preliminary breath test”, Rasor explained. “Although the booking officer clearly indicated that phone calls would be available and although a white prisoner was allowed to use the phone despite the fact that he had urinated on himself, Frankie Taylor was subject to demeaning and vulgar rhetoric, racial bias, denied a telephone call, thrown to the ground, drug to a chair, restrained and then subject to brutal and excessive force, in fact, he was beaten into unconsciousness by two officers, while three officers held him down. Now, we discover that a weapon was apparently used in the beating, a fact which the Officer’s covered up in their report.”

After the beating, Frankie Taylor was denied medical attention for approximately 12 hours and suffered aggravation of pre‑existing issues with his eye including partial total blindness in his left eye as well as post-traumatic stress disorder and possible traumatic brain injury.

According to press reports, the Department of Justice and U.S. Attorney’s Officer are investigating. The officers have not been disciplined by Eastpointe.