WATCH: Moment a New York Police Officer ‘Planted Drugs in Suspect’s Car’

4 January 2012

A video taken from a police vehicle’s dashcam shows an officer allegedly placing a bag in the car of a man they had pulled over for running a stop sign.

The video, which was filmed on February 11, 2011, shows the officers searching the car as the man stands handcuffed.

The officers are from Utica, New York, and the video was released by the local paper, the Utica Phoenix.

One of the officers is shown pulling a bag out of his pocket as he gets into the passenger side of the car.

He then emerges from the car with the same bag.

It is not clear what is inside the bag.

The video has gone viral since it was uploaded on YouTube on January 2.

When it was first put on the Phoenix’s website it got so many hits – 64,000 in just under 24 hours – it crashed the site, reports.

Utica police say they are still investigating the incident and that the video is also being reviewed by the FBI.

The video posted on the internet is one minute 40 seconds long, but the full video is 30 minutes.

Early in the full video, an officer’s empty hand is shown going into the driver’s jacket pocket and pulling out a bag.

Explaining that there were two suspects in the car, Utica Police Chief Mark Williams said: ‘He’s going into the car with it and that’s what he’s doing, it’s cold out and he’s basically separating the drugs from both defendants.’