WATCH: New Information Reveals Six Memphis Officers Overlooked Body in Impound Lot

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — WREG is learning more about the investigation into multiple Memphis Police officers after a body was left in a van in the MPD impound lot for more than six weeks.

WREG learned at least six Memphis Police officers showed up to a crime scene near an apartment complex on Yale Road.

Some of them are ranking officers, including two lieutenants and a sergeant.

Information we have gathered shows when an officer showed up the night of Dec. 18, 2017 he found Pablo Castro with three gunshot wounds, two to the neck and one to the stomach.

Officers found evidence of a crime on the drivers side of the van.

A crime scene investigator was notified.

Several officers then began taking photos and collecting evidence.

As the night went on, multiple ranking officers showed up, and a crime scene log was completed.

Officers checked the nearby apartment complex for cameras and two were found.

They also talked to witnesses.

It turns out another man was in the passenger seat of the van.

He told detectives he was in the passenger seat of the van drinking beer and listening to music when a man walked up to the drivers side of the van where Castor was sitting.

He demanded money, Castor refused and the man shot him several times.

At no time was the back of the van checked until Castor got out of the hospital.

He then went to get his vehicle from the impound lot.

That’s when he found the body of his friend Bardomiano Perez Hernandez.

“Although the cargo van was overly stocked with equipment, there is no explanation for how the deceased victim remained in the vehicle without being detected,” Memphis Police Director, Mike Rallings said.

Thursday, we questioned Memphis Police about the officers involved.

They told us they’re still out working the streets.

In a statement, the Memphis Police Department said:

“The number of officers who respond to a scene varies pending the type of call and the needed manpower. It is not out of the ordinary to have six officers on one scene for this type of incident. The incident that occurred on Yale is still under investigation. All officers who were involved are still working.”

We spoke to those familiar with investigation policies who said it is common for officers to still be working, because there is not a criminal investigation into them.

If there is disciplinary action it will come when the investigation is complete.