WATCH: New Jersey Cop Brutalizes Screaming Handcuffed Man And Brags About It

Newly released bodycam footage shows a New Jersey cop pummeling a screaming handcuffed man laying on the ground and later bragging about it to another officer, Trentonian reports.

The incident happened in April 2017, when a suspect named Chanzie Washington allegedly led cops on a car chase. He then got out of the car and ran on foot, and was eventually caught. When the police caught up with Washington, he was punched a number of times and brought to the ground.

There, the video appears to show Washington cuffed and being punched again as he screams in agony.

Among the cops who threw punches while Washington was allegedly cuffed was Drew Inman, the son of a cop who is a longtime friend of Trenton’s police chief.

Inman bragged about the punches—and was saved from possibly further incriminating himself by another officer.

“I beat the living shi…,” Inman says in view of the officer’s camera before the other officer points to his body camera.

According to Trentonian, Hispanic cop Antony Villanueva has borne the brunt of the backlash. He was immediately placed on restricted duty after the incident while Inman, friend of the chief’s son, went about normal duty for more than a month before he, too, was placed on restricted duty. Villanueva had 14 use of force reports in the previous two years, the paper reports, and is now suspended without pay while Inman remains on restricted duty.

“What Inman did was much worse, but they’re painting Anthony as the villain,” an anonymous cop from the department told Trentonian.

Watch the footage below.