WATCH: No Punishment For Cop Caught Punching Handcuffed Woman in the Face

Megan Adamescu

A Miami Beach police officer will not face any real consequences after he was caught punching a handcuffed woman in the face.

The veteran cop of 19 years Phillippe Archer detained model Megan Adamescu in the face. But later, investigators into the incident have decided that he does not need to face any real punishment for the blatant act of assault and police brutality.

Adamescu was accused of creating a disturbance in the South Bay Club lobby. When Officer Archer arrived, he cuffed her hands behind her back.

Reports about what happened next vary, but Archer says that Adamescu insulted him, calling him a racial slur. Archer then proceeded to beat the handcuffed woman and attempted to stomp her face in before a fellow officer stopped him.

The officers on the scene with Archer never reported the incident.

The state’s attorney’s office says that they did receive complaints about the incident, but they decided that the officer was in the right and they therefore decided not to prosecute him.

The criminal section chief of the civil rights division of the Department of Justice, Robert J. Moossy, Jr., said that they “received a complaint that Philippe Archer of your agency may have been involved in violating the civil rights of Andrew Mossberg and Megan Adamescu.”

“We recently completed our review of the results of the investigation of that complaint to determine whether a federal criminal prosecution was warranted,” he added.

“After careful consideration, we concluded that the evidence does not establish a prosecutable violation of the federal criminal civil rights statutes.”

A spokesperson for the state attorney said that because “the victim initiated it,” and even with the video footage, “battery could not be proven.”

Watch the video and see for yourself. Do you think that “battery could not be proven” from what the video shows?