WATCH: North Dakota Sheriff Sentenced to 25 Days of Home Confinement For Consumption of Meth

FESSENDEN, N.D. – The former Wells County Sheriff Johnny Lawson learned his fate in district court Thursday, in a case that has taken more than two years to resolve.

Former Wells County Sheriff Johnny Lawson will face 25 days of home confinement after entering a plea agreement to two misdemeanor charges.

Lawson originally faced five charges, one of them a class A-felony. Two felonies for conspiracy to deliver meth and official bribery charges were dropped, along with a misdemeanor for refusing to perform his public duty as sheriff.

But the deal required Lawson to plead guilty to misdemeanor charges of falsely reporting to law enforcement and consumption of a controlled substance, specifically meth.

Lawson, his son and his wife unsuccessfully testified at the sentencing in an effort to dismiss the final two charges, or at least earn work release and a deferred sentencing.

Lawson was offered a position at the Baker Hughes Company Wednesday, but will not be able to start until his home confinement is finished.