[WATCH] Northside ISD Police Officer Slams Middle School Student to the Ground

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — The Northside Independent School District has launched an investigation after video of a police officer slamming a student to the ground surfaced this week.

In the video, an officer appears to attempt to break up a fight between two students before grabbing one of them, picking them up and dropping one face down the ground.

A spokesman with the district released the following statement:

The incident you reference occurred at Rawlinson middle school on Monday of this week. It involved a Northside ISD Police officer, not an SAPD officer, intervening in a physical conflict between two students.

That officer, who has been with Northside ISD since 2006, has been placed on administrative leave pending a full investigation. The officer has had no disciplinary issues during his tenure at Northside.

The Northside ISD police department and our District’s Human Resources department are both conducting a full investigation. CPS has also been notified.

The campus has addressed the matter of the physical conflict between both students as per our Student Code of Conduct.