WATCH: NYPD Officers Beat 16-Year-Old Who Is Trying to Surrender

Kahreem Tribble being apprehended


New York City Police Department officers are under investigation, this time for beating a 16-year-old suspect even as he tried to surrender, according to DNAinfo New York.

The news site obtained exclusive footage showing the two officers run up to suspect Kahreem Tribble. Kahreem stops running, only to have one officer try to punch him. Kahreem staggers back in surrender, holding up his hands and leaning against a building, before being hit, this time with the other officer’s gun.

The teen was found to have 17 baggies of marijuana on him and was arrested for possession and disorderly conduct in late August. He pleaded guilty to a violation and was, according to DNAinfo New York, released.

With the video out to the public, the officers, who are from the 79th Precinct in Brooklyn, are now under criminal investigation by the NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau, as well as Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson.

“What’s depicted on this video is troubling and warrants a thorough investigation,” Thompson told DNAinfo New York’s On the Inside.

DNAinfo New York identifies Tyrane Isaac (the one who tried to punch Kahreem) and David Afanador (the one who pistol-whipped the young man) as the officers involved. Kahreem reportedly suffered one broken tooth and one chipped tooth from the incident.

DNAinfo New York also reports that after Afanador put away his weapon, Isaac could be seen in the video punching Kahreem and pushing him onto his belly before handcuffing him.

Afanador was suspended without pay, and Isaac was stripped of his badge and gun and put on modified duty.