[WATCH] Ohio Police Officer Suspended After Threatening to ‘Choke The Life Out’ of Suspect

A Columbus police officer has been “relieved from duty” after he allegedly made comments threatening to choke a suspect, Columbus Division of Police Chief Kim Jacobs announced Wednesday.

In a news conference Wednesday night, Jacobs said a series of officer bodycam videos that captured the Sept. 1 arrest of Timothy Davis prompted the suspension of 32-year-old Joseph Bogard.

In the video, Bogard can be heard telling Davis that he is going to “arm-bar” him “into the ground.”

“And when that still doesn’t work, I’m going to choke the life out of you,” Bogard said. “And then when you’re drooling on yourself, I’ll handcuff you.”

When he is later asked on the video why he choked Davis, Bogard replies, “‘Cause it was better than shooting him and going to f—— jail.”

Davis had been arrested at a store called the Livingston Market on outstanding warrants and resisted arrest by fighting and biting officers, ABC Columbus affiliate WSYX-TV reported.

Davis’ friends and family claim that police used excessive force in his arrest, according to WSYX.

Jacobs said she had not been made aware of the bodycam footage until Tuesday and that she has initiated an internal affairs investigation.

“This kind of language is totally inappropriate and unprofessional and does not reflect the core values of the Division of Police,” she said.

Bogard’s badge and gun have been taken away from him “until we know whether or not those comments reflect the type of behavior that he exhibits out there on the street toward our citizens,” the police chief said.

Bogard is a four-year veteran of the force, Jacobs said. ABC News could not immediately reach Bogard for comment.

In a statement on Wednesday, Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther praised the police chief’s decision to suspend Bogard.

“I applaud the chief’s action to take away this officer’s weapon and badge,” he said.

Jason Pappas, president of the Fraternal Order of Police Capital City Lodge No. 9, said Wednesday that while he believes Bogard’s arrest of Davis to be justified, it could take weeks or longer for a thorough investigation to take place.

“I have zero problems with the arrest,” Pappas said. “I believe it to be within policy — and to be justified.”

Source: http://abcnews.go.com/US/ohio-police-officer-relieved-duty-threatening-choke-suspect/story?id=49845736