WATCH: Police Officer Handcuffs Jail Guard at Washington County Correctional Facility

WASHINGTON, Pa. – A captain at the Washington County Correctional Facility was handcuffed by a police officer at the jail.

Surveillance video from inside shows a Washington city police officer leading the jail captain away in handcuffs.
The incident happened Memorial Day weekend and Channel 11 just obtained the video through a Right to Know request.
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Investigators told Channel 11 the city police officer wanted the jail to take in a suspect who needed serious medical attention.

Both the nurse and Capt. Wendy Harris refused.

“The video shows she was attempting to call the warden to resolve the situation,” said Washington County Commissioner Larry Maggi.

He told Channel 11 the captain was speaking to the warden when the officer grabbed her hand and cuffed her.
According to Maggi, both county and city police are investigating.

“It’s disturbing,” Maggi said. “I don’t want to comment on it, it’s being reviewed.”

Washington city police Chief Bob Wilson confirmed the officer, Joseph Moore, has worked for the department for three years and has been placed on administrative desk duty pending the outcome of the investigation.

Maggi told Channel 11 the captain and nurse were following Pennsylvania state law.

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“We can’t have a prisoner brought in and dies for a prior medical condition,” Maggi said. “That’s just not good for anybody.”

The video shows the officer keeping the captain in cuffs for nearly an hour.
Eventually he did release her.

Sources told Channel 11 the officer could not leave the jail with the captain because the guards would not unlock the door.


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