[WATCH] “Friendly” Officer Threatens to Break Teen’s Legs

Miguel Cruz | FilmingCops.com


Teenager Hamza Jeylani was one of the latest victims of what the ACLU is calling “disparity in the way police” interact with black and white people in Minneapolis, in a new report.

According to the ACLU website, teen Jeylani and four friends were stopped and told to step out of their car after making a U-turn in a church parking lot after a game of basketball at the local YMCA.
That is when Officer Rod Webber made the threat. “If you fuck with me I’m going to break your legs before you get a chance to run.”
In the video Jeylani shows no sign of resisting, and even asks the officer, “Who says I am going to run?”
Although the police claim that they arrested Jeylani on suspicion of stealing a blue Honda Civic, Jeylani said that the driver of the vehicle had proof that he owned the car, a blue Toyota Camry.

The video shows Webber telling Jeylani that he had been arrested because the officer “felt like arresting” the teen.

Watch the raw video footage below:

Miguel Cruz is an educator, musician, and freelance community writer.