WATCH: Police Officer Under Investigation After Controversial Video of Arrest

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, Calif.- – Video of arrest in Desert Hot Springs over the weekend is causing controversy throughout social media after an officer appears to cover his body camera. The heated confrontation, recorded by the detainee’s brother, has gone viral with nearly 850,000 views on Facebook.

The man detained in the video, Joshua Felix, told KESQ & CBS Local 2 he was harassed by cops Saturday. Felix was being detained for a misdemeanor battery, he was later released at the scene.

In the video, the officer can be heard saying Felix and his brother assaulted an individual. Felix told KESQ & CBS Local 2 that when the fight broke out he was defending himself after a man hit him in the face with a beer bottle.

“Swung the bottle on my head right here which kinda cut me right here a little bit cuz the bottle shattered on my head it was a full bottle,” Felix said.

Felix then described the moments when police arrived.

“That’s when he (the officer in the video) just walks right up to me and stands right in my face,” Felix recalled. “I get irritated myself because I just got assaulted and now I’m getting yelled at by police.”

The officer in the video is now under investigation by the Desert Hot Springs Police Department for possibly covering up his body camera. DHSPD Chief Dale Mondary said he is concerned about the officer’s behavior.

“I do acknowledge that’s what it appears to be,” Mondary said. “I’ve known this officer, I know his demeanor and sometimes when you talk to him, it’s not unusual for him to actually reach up and grab the top of his shirt.”

Felix and his brother told us they are glad the department is investigating.

“I felt kinda threatened because I’m thinking to myself, ‘Well this guy’s probably trying to do something and if he’s hiding his camera, he’s doing something that’s not correct,'” Felix said.

Neither Felix nor the man who struck him with a bottle are pressing charges. Mondary said the officer in the video is not at work this week, however, he is expected to return this weekend. Mondary also said the investigation into whether or not he intentionally covered his body cam could take weeks to conclude.


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