WATCH: Police Stop Rap Artist From Filming Video, Arrest Everyone For No Reason

March 13, 2015

In breaking news out of California, San Francisco police just interrupted the filming of a rap video and arrested over 20 people who were present for the shoot.

“Hands up! Everybody hands up now!”

There was nothing anyone was doing but playing music, singing and obviously engaging in some sort of musically-coordinated activity on the steps. Anyone should have been able to figure out that there was something music-related going on, whether they thought it was a video being filmed, or just citizens having fun.

There was clearly no threat whatsoever. The music, if nothing else, should have made that abundantly clear to officers.

Still, we hear several picking people who they thought were the most dangerous and barking orders at them first: “Black hoodie, walk back to the sound of my voice right now!”

When their hands were not raised up sufficiently to the officers liking, one officer who could not stop saying “bro” and “bra” yelled: “Lock your elbows up bra!”

As more and more were detained, one officer – apparently very proud of himself for stopping people from simply assembling and singing – announced: “Everybody gets a good search!”

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