WATCH: Police Swarm Innocent Man, While Guilty One Gets Away

Do police treat some suspects differently than others? Many are saying this short, 30-second-long video proves they do.

There are two suspects, one of them the crowd confirmed was the guy the cops were looking for. Officers cuffed him and ignored him. Then they swarmed an African American man, who some witnesses say was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The video was uploaded to Twitter by one of those witnesses and has since made it’s way to other social media sites.

The whole thing went down in Austin, Texas. We have reached out to the Austin Police Department for a comment on this incident. At the time of this article’s publication, their media correspondent has still not returned our called. In our experience, this tends to happen when departments know they’ve been caught red-handed, doing the very things that they claim they don’t do… like targeting certain suspects as more of a “threat” based on their ethnic background, while ignoring others, or minimizing the threat they pose based on their background.

The incident happened outside of a bar called “The Blind Pig Pub.” Five cops arrived to tackle an African American man, while the Caucasian suspect who realizes the police are fixated on the other guy seizes the moment and takes off running.

Not even one of the officers notices the man slowly raising to his feet, without the use of his hands, cuffed behind his back.

Meanwhile, the cops had drawn tasers on the African American man, who they seemed to think justified five officers piling on top of to subdue. But witnesses say he was no threat to the officers, was not fighting them and repeatedly tried to explain to them that he was an innocent bystander who they wrongly targeted.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think…


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