WATCH: Police Ticket Man For Walking on Residential Street Near Montreal

A Quebec father taking his young daughter for a walk in her stroller on a residential street was shocked to get a $48 ticket for walking on the street.

Danny Cohen, of Cote-St-Luc, a suburb of Montreal, said he initially thought the police officers were joking.

“I asked them if they were kidding and they said ‘No, absolutely not, we’re going to give you a ticket for walking in the street,’” he said.

He says he frequently walks in the street beside the sidewalk because he’s trying to get his baby to fall asleep.

“It’s much more comfortable to be cruising along the streets next to the sidewalks because the bumps and grooves in our sidewalks aren’t in the best condition,” he said. “I was trying to have my baby sleep.”

Cohen considered fighting the ticket but walking in the street does violate Quebec’s Highway Safety Code.

“I think there might be a certain amount of generosity in a police officer’s review of the situation,” said lawyer Eric Sutton. “But I think when someone is pushing a baby carriage, it’s an issue of public safety.”

Cohen says he sees many walkers and runners use the streets in his residential neighbourhood.

CTV News talked to several pedestrians who called the fine “ridiculous.”

“I find that shocking because we walk on the street all the time,” said one woman walking with two young boys. “I had no idea it was against the law. I would have gotten ticketed a million times over. There should be bigger fish to fry around here, right, than just someone walking in the street.”

But another neighbour told CTV News that there have been a number of complaints about people walking in the streets in the area. Montreal police did not confirm that.

“Everyone knows about jaywalking, but who knows about not walking in a quiet neighbourhood off to the side of the street?” said Cohen.