WATCH: Pregnant Miami-Dade Corrections Officer Accused of Pepper-Spraying, Hitting Husband

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – A pregnant Miami-Dade corrections officer was arrested Tuesday on accusations that she pepper-sprayed, struck and strangled her husband of four years.

According to an arrest report, Officer Marsha Bienaime, 32, and her husband got into an argument Jan. 12 because he would not allow her to go through his cellphone.

The victim told officers that he didn’t allow his wife to see his phone because he had evidence on it of her prior abusive behavior.

Police said Bienaime became enraged and charged toward the victim with a canister of pepper spray.

Police said the victim was sprayed across his torso, neck and arms and was unable to go to work that day because his skin was burning.

According to the arrest report, the victim provided detectives with surveillance footage that shows Bienaime spraying her husband with pepper spray.

Police said the couple got into another argument about the victim’s cellphone early Tuesday and the victim told Bienaime again that he would not allow her to go through his cellphone.

Police said Bienaime tried to take the phone away from her husband, but then left their apartment to buy juice.

When she returned, she made a second attempt for the cellphone, the arrest report stated.

Police said Bienaime then grabbed her husband’s neck with both hands and started strangling him to the point where his breathing was impeded.

The victim said he pushed his wife’s hands down and broke free from her grip, at which point Bienaime slapped him in the face.

The man left the apartment and walked to the Miami Police North Station to file a report.

Authorities said Bienaime admitted to having insecurity issues about her marriage and that’s why she wanted to go through her husband’s phone. Police said Bienaime denied strangling or slapping her husband.

She was arrested on charges of battery and battery by strangulation.