[WATCH] Retired Kansas City Detective Accused of Sex Abuse and Corruption

KANSAS CITY, KS – The mother of a man, who claims he’s innocent, says her son was targeted because she turned down sexual extortion by the lead detective in the case.

Rosie McIntyre’s stunning allegations are already on file at the Wyandotte County Courthouse in her sworn affidavit:

“I have often wondered if my failure to comply with Golubski’s demands for additional sexual favors caused him to dislike me and my family. I do believe that if I had complied with his request for me to become his ‘woman,’ that my son would likely not be in prison today.”

It’s a bombshell that will soon be released in court.

Rosie McIntyre will testify as part of the defense team’s arguments that Lamonte McIntyre is innocent. They say his wrongful conviction is more than a case of sloppy police work. They claim if you dig deeper, you’ll find corruption and a vendetta.

“There is a great deal of evidence that raises question about the integrity and direction of the police investigation,” attorney Cheryl Pilate said.

The defense team says they correctly solved the crime, proved their client is innocent and found a staggering pattern of sex abuse by Detective Roger Golubski.

Golubski worked for the Kansas City, KS Police Department for 35 years. He retired seven years ago. He declined to speak with KCTV5 News about the allegations and referred all questions to his criminal defense attorney.

KCTV5 reached out to Paul Morrison through email and by phone and never had a response.

Current Police Chief Terry Zeigler sat down with the KCTV5 investigation team to express his support that an outside agency should investigate Golubski.

“I think somebody should take a look at the entire homicide file, the entire case file. The allegations against Golubski, it all needs to be looked at. The KCKPD is not in a position to do that. It needs to be someone like the KBI or the FBI,” Zeigler said.

Sex abuse allegations

Rosie McIntyre says her abuse happened in the late 80s. She was parked near a nightclub with her boyfriend when Golubski showed up.

She says Golubski threatened to arrest them but then offered a solution that sickened her. She was told to come to office late at night.

“This was a forced act and I submitted only because I was afraid that Golubski would arrest my boyfriend or me,” Rosie McIntyre said.

She writes in her affidavit that she was “stunned,” “terrified” and “powerless.”

She claims another officer walked in a witnessed what was happening but quickly left the office and shut the door.

“They knew it because they opened the door and then shut it! Who’s gonna believe me? Nobody cared so what did it matter?” she said.

Rosie McIntyre says she tried to report it to KCKPD. She says Golubski offered her his support and protection if she continued to submit. She says she moved and changed her phone number to finally get away from the detective.

Affidavits from multiple accusers

Rosie McIntyre’s allegations are echoed by other accusers.

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