WATCH: Sacramento Police Arrest Man For Leaving Car Running

SACRAMENTO, CA – Sacramento police released security and bodycam footage showing the May 4 arrest of a man who left the engine of his car on while parked outside a 7-Eleven, after a video of the arrest posted by the man’s girlfriend was shared widely online.

Erin Darby Ortiz posted footage showing a police officer grappling with Craig Williams and handcuffing him on the ground after Williams left his car running while he went into the store. Darby Ortiz wrote that she and Williams had never heard of California’s anti-idling law before, and that Williams was made to spend the day in jail. The long-standing idling law says it’s illegal to walk away from a stopped car with its engine running on a public road.

Sacramento police on May 9 posted bodycam footage of the incident, saying Williams was “uncooperative” and refused to provide identification to the officer, as well as citing the no-idling law.

The incident drew criticism from the Sacramento NAACP, which said the police demonstrated aggressive behavior toward non-white people, The Sacramento Bee reported.