WATCH: San Francisco Cop Shoots Fleeing Man In The Back Over Open Alcohol Container

Last Saturday night a San Francisco officer confronted 4 men for having open alcohol containers in public. When one of the men ran away, the officer chased him and shot him in the back multiple times on a crowded sidewalk.

The officer, who’s name has not been released, claimed Oliver Barcenas, 28, pulled a gun on him while running away, but video evidence raises questions about his version of events.

Police claimed they found a .45 caliber Glock handgun on Barcenas, who is recovering from the wounds at San Francisco General Hospital, reported KQED.

San Francisco police released 4 videos, 2 bodycam and 2 surveillance, but none show Barcenas pulling a gun before he was shot in the back by the officer, and none even show his alleged gun.

According to SFPD’s use-of-force policy, an officer should use deadly force only “as a last resort when reasonable alternatives have been exhausted or are not feasible to protect the safety of the public and police officers.”

San Francisco resident Wanda Ravernell said in a town hall meeting, “A man running away wasn’t posing as much of a problem — to me — as the policeman who was shooting him,”

San Francisco police provided the following in a press release after the June 9 incident:

• 2 officers observed four individuals standing at the corner of Grant Avenue and Vallejo Street and the officers decided to contact the group of four individuals for an open alcohol container in public violation.
• One officer made contact with the group of four individuals and engaged in a dialogue about the open alcohol container while his partner parked their vehicle.
• After a brief dialogue between the officer and the four individuals, one of the four, later determined to be twenty-eight year old San Francisco resident Oliver Barcenas began to flee on foot on Grant Avenue towards Green Street.
• The officer pursued Mr. Barcenas on foot and during the pursuit Mr. Barcenas removed and discarded the jacket he was wearing and drew a firearm from his waist.
• After Mr. Barcenas drew a firearm from his waist, the pursuing officer discharged his firearm at Barcenas striking him.

SFPD’s homicide detail and internal affairs division, the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office and the city Department of Police Accountability are all investigating the shooting.

Below are videos of the incident that have been released by police: