WATCH: School Security Guard Slams 12-Year-Old to The Ground so Hard he Has to be Taken Out on a Stretcher

A Seattle mom has shared video of a school security guard slamming her 12-year-old son to the ground so hard the boy said he couldn’t move his legs, King 5 reports.

In the video, the boy tears down decorations in the hallway of Washington Middle School. He then moves away from the officer. They are briefly out of view of the camera, and then comes back into the frame when the officer slams him to the ground.

The boy’s mom, Diana Lightner, says her son has behavioral problems, but should never have been slammed by the security guard.

The boy was eventually taken out on a stretcher, with his neck in a brace.

“Honestly, after I watched that video one of the things I thought is what if that guy had a gun?” she told KIRO.