WATCH: Security Guard Forcibly Removes Disabled Elderly Man From Building, Pushes Him To The Concrete

A video has surfaced that shows a security officer in an Arizona federal building pushing an elderly disabled man out the door and onto the concrete.

An unidentified woman gave the video to FOX 10 Phoenix and said the man was being asked to leave by security officers when the incident happened.

In the video, a security guard can be heard telling the man to leave the building, and then a guard physically pushed the man out of the building.

The 2 went through the front doors, then the man fell to the ground, hitting the back of his head.

Even though he was caught on camera pushing the man, the security guard then says, “he fell, I didn’t touch him”.

According to Phoenix police, officers were called out to the location, but no arrests were made.

Someone did make a 911 call and fire officials said the man acted “altered,” and he was taken to a hospital.

Watch the disturbing video below: