WATCH: SWAT Raids The Wrong Home – So Who’s Going to Pay For The Damage?

Sarah Gray had a rude awakening. It was the middle of the night when the Ogden Metro Swat Unit blew out her back window and began yelling.

“I was just dead asleep and hear a big crash,” she said. “All I hear is them yelling, ‘Search warrant! Identify yourself!”

Turns out, oops, SWAT was at the wrong house.

Sarah says the officers apologized and promised the window would be fixed. But three weeks went by and Sarah’s window is still broken.

“I can’t keep paying a high heat bill,” she said. “I might as well just light money on fire.”

Sarah says she called the city for answers, but can’t seem to get any.

“I want a window. I just want them to correct the mistake, that’s it. I’m not out for vengeance or anything like that.”

Upon investigation, Get Gephardt learned that the mistake is the financial responsibility of the Weber County attorney’s office.

In a statement, Weber County Attorney Christopher Allred wrote that there was a “miscommunication” between Sarah and his office. He claims it took “a couple of weeks” for the window to be made, and when it was ready to install, they attempted to call Sarah, but allege that they were calling the “wrong number.”

But just like that, they found the right number, and just one day later, Sarah had a new window installed.