[WATCH] Texas Cop Who Killed Unarmed Man With Hands Raised Won’t Face Charges

A Texas cop who shot an unarmed man with his hands on his head will not face charges, a grand jury decided today.

The dash cam video shows Grapevine police officer Robert Clark ordering Ruben Garcia Villalpando out of his car at gunpoint after a high-speed chase through city streets and highways.

Clark orders Villalpando to place his hands on his head and the suspect complies. But when Clark ordered him to walk backwards, Villalpando began walking towards the officer.

Clark yells at him to stop as Villalpando continues walking, stepping out of the frame, which is when Clark fires twice.

Clark said he was in fear for his life, but Villalpando didn’t seem very threatening as he sauntered towards the cop with his hands on his head.

In fact, Villalpando was legally drunk with a .14 blood-alcohol content level, according to an autopsy. He was also arrested for DUI in December where he had a BAC of .3o.

Clark, on the other hand, had a troubled history in law enforcement, according to the Dallas Morning News.

A Grapevine police officer who fatally shot an unarmed man last month had been disciplined for three policy violations in eight months while he was on D/FW Airport’s force, according to files released Friday.

But Grapevine hired him because of his strong skills, honesty and desire to serve, the city’s records show.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport officials found that Officer Robert William Clark’s violations included an apparent misuse of police authority during an off-duty confrontation with a man whose dog severely injured Clark’s dog.

He also was cited for inadvertently taking his gun into the airport jail while helping release a prisoner and for not disclosing an off-duty agreement to work as a “courtesy officer” in exchange for a discount on his apartment rent.

The 158-page personnel file, obtained by The Dallas Morning News through a public records request, details problems that may have cost him a job with another local police department. But it also paints a picture of a man dedicated to public service who narrowly missed becoming a Navy SEAL.

Records also indicate he applied for several police jobs, but was turned down by all of them except the Grapevine Police Department.

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