WATCH: Texas Sheriff’s Deputy Caught on Video Fatally Shooting Unarmed Man With Pants Around His Ankles

A Texas deputy was caught on video fatally shooting an unarmed man who had his pants around his ankles last week.

The video, obtained by the Houston Chronicle, shows the Harris County sheriff’s deputy drawing his weapon at 34-year-old Danny Thomas, who was wearing a white T-shirt, at a street intersection in Houston Thursday.

“He about to get Tased,” said a woman off-camera, before a red van blocks the camera’s view.

The deputy had already fired one shot at Thomas.

“He shot that man?” the woman shrieked. “Why he shot him? Why he shot him that man? He should’ve gotten Tased. He shouldn’t have shot that man in no street.”

Thomas can be seen lying facedown on the ground motionless. He was taken to Houston Northwest Medical Center where he died.

Before the shooting, Thomas was walking down the Imperial Valley intersection talking to himself with his pants around his ankles and hitting cars as he passed by, witnesses said.

Thomas then got into an altercation with a driver of a white car. The deputy, who was driving southbound of the intersection, got out of his vehicle to stop it, Houston police said.

The deputy shouted commands at Thomas, but he ignored them and kept walking toward him. The officer, fearing for his life, shot Thomas once in the chest, cops said.

Neither the Harris County Sheriff’s Officer nor the Houston Police Department, which is investigating the case, released the deputy’s name.

Thomas had “some object” in his hand, but a Harris County sheriff’s spokesman told the Houston Chronicle no gun was recovered at the scene.

Marketa Thomas was reeling from her brother’s death.

“That’s my flesh and my blood,” she told reporters, according to the Chronicle. “We’ve been through everything together. He had my back through everything. Somebody took him from me.”

In 2016, Thomas’ two children — ages 5 and 7 — died after their mother, Sheborah Thomas, allegedly drowned them in the bathtub of a home. She’s awaiting trial for two counts of capital murder, the newspaper reported.