[WATCH] “Trooper of the Year” Good Cop Sexually Assaults a 4-Yr-Old Girl Multiple Times, “Cries” When He is Sentenced

Oct 28, 2015

MAINE — Officer Andrew Demers worked as a police officer for 26 years with the Maine State Police.

He was a so-called good cop. Police supporters trusted him.

He received the “Trooper of the Year” award twice.

He was one of the most highly “decorated” police officers in Maine’s history. He was a model of what faithful police wives have in mind when they say “Yeah but some cops are GOOD!”

This “good cop” has been sentenced to prison for only four years — and may get out sooner because of his statist privilege — for sexually assaulting an innocent child.

The child was only 4-yrs-old.

Now that he’s been caught, Officer Demers began “crying” as he pleaded guilty in a courthouse to molesting the 4-yr-old child.

We wonder, did he ever shed one tear as he molested this poor child over and over again?

Officer Demers will pay just $5,000 to the child, a tiny fraction of what he made as a police officer, funded by American taxpayers.

Some might question whether Demers feels any remorse for what he did to this helpless child, given that part of his defense case used the excuse that his actions were “out of character” and were caused by all of his stress working as a police officer.

As if he’s the victim.

“Crimes like this come from a dark place within a person that are often buried deep within and unknown,” the judge said.

Despite pleading guilty to sexually assaulting the child, the courthouse was packed with police supporters, police wives, and statists who kept defending him by referring to his “exemplary” behavior as an officer.

The child’s parents, however, sat silently on the other side of the courthouse, mourning over what this monster did to their little daughter.

At first Officer Demers was facing 30 years in prison for gross sexual assault. But his attorney was able to get that charge dismissed.

After that the parents wanted a sentence of at least eight years — at least something! — but even that sentence was again reduced. In all Officer Demers will spend only four years in prison.

Officer Demers admitted to sexually assaulting the child multiple times.

“He took my little girl’s innocence,” the child’s mother stated.

Demers’ defense attorney claimed that Officer Demers was already punished because his reputation was ruined and because he brought heartache to his family.

“Officer Demers is, by every single account, the last person that anyone ever expected would be involved in an offense like this and this alone speaks volumes about who he is, as he has lived his life in a way that is the farthest cry from behavior at issue here than one can imagine,” his attorney wrote.

Everybody referred to him as a “good cop” — and he was molesting a 4-yr-old girl.

“There are also very real, significant concerns about Andy’s safety while incarcerated in the custody of the Department of Corrections,” he added.

The attorney requested that Demers be allowed to serve a lesser sentence in the county jail instead of prison.

The judge rejected that request.

Officer Demers at one point pulled a handkerchief from his suit to “wipe tears” from his eyes in front of the court room.

As he walked out of the courthouse, a reporter tried to ask him a question but he would not answer.

Officer Demers decided to plead guilty as part of an offer between the attorneys. Originally Officer Demers was going to receive a Class A felony charge of gross sexual assault, for which he would face up to 30 years in prison. By pleading guilty, that charge was dismissed.

Officer Demers will be released soon, but the child’s trauma and anguish caused by this “good cop’s” sexual assault could last a lifetime.

What else did this “good cop” do that we don’t know about? How many fathers, mothers, and children did he lock in cages for smoking a harmless plant? How many people did he beat? How much money did he steal from hardworking Americans in order to generate revenue for the State in the form of “traffic tickets”? How many times was he silent as his “brothers in blue” abused and harassed citizens? Did he rape any other children that we haven’t found out about?

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