WATCH: Troopers Involved in Raleigh Man’s Beating Fired, Sergeant Placed on Administrative Duty

RALEIGH, NC — Two State Highway Patrol troopers Michael Blake and Tabithia Davis have been fired, effective Friday, as part of an investigation into a Raleigh man’s beating, according to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety.

Highway Patrol spokesman Michael Baker confirmed that Sgt. R.W. Goswick was placed on administrative duty.

District Attorney Lorrin Freeman said that after she reviewed all of the video and audio released in this case she heard that some of the officers admitted to using force.

“If these officers in fact went in the next day and filed reports reflecting no use of force when there was a use of force that that is information that would be appropriate for the state of North Carolina to have not only for consideration as to whether other charges were appropriate but certainly in terms of the credibility of these defendants,” said Freeman.

Freeman said that a State Highway Patrol supervisor told Davis and Blake to file reports that they did not use force.

“Y’all three just write a statement, send it to me and we’ll put it in a folder. No use of force on our part,” said Davis on dashcam video.

This came after an encounter between Blake and Davis and Kyron Hinton on April 3.