[WATCH] “Mommy It Hurts!” – Autistic Child Beaten by School Cop



When her 14-year-old autistic son called from school, an Oklahoma woman – who wishes to remain unnamed – could sense something was wrong.

The boy has the mental capability of a child half his age and usually contacts his mother when he is stressed; this is because she is pretty much the only person who can help him calm down.

The woman says her boy called earlier this week and she was still on the phone talking to him when she heard the phone drop, the line was cut off immediately.

Her phone rang again instantly.

However, this time her son was panic-stricken, he told her that he wanted her to pick him up as soon as possible.

According to her, a police officer at Central Junior High School assaulted her son.

“He said ‘it hurts’ and ‘mom don’t get off the phone with me. Come and get me’.”

The woman promptly organized for his grandmother, who was nearby, to pick him up.

On the way back from school the older woman noticed that the boy had physical marks on his back.

Thanks to great presence of mind, she decided to pull over and take photographs of the handprint on her grandson’s body.

The mother says the cop had plenty of interaction with the boy and he knew that the student faced significant mental challenges due to his condition.

Despite this he beat the teenager with such force that it left visible marks on his body.

“He has a hard enough time being successful in school,” she added.

The woman says what the officer did to her son is completely unacceptable and hence the family reported the matter to the department the very next day.

The mother maintains that the issue should not be trivialized just because the assailant is a cop.

“That’s battery, and I just can’t accept that,” she said.

“He made a physical contact with my son, and it should have never happened.”

The officer who hit the child is on suspension as an investigation is carried out.

However, a family member has told at least one media outlet that this is an attempt by the police to ignore the matter.

Watch the video below:

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