WATCH: Video Released in Duluth Police Excessive Force Investigation

The Duluth Police Department held a conference Friday morning to provide an overview of the investigation and arbitration ruling of a that an officer used excessive force during a trespassing call on May 20, 2017.

During the news conference Police Chief Mike Tusken publicly released the body cam footage of the events that evening and reflected on the mission and values of the Duluth Police Department.

“The Duluth Police Department does excellent work day in and day out and is dedicated to keeping our community safe, building and strengthening relationships, and serving others with dignity and respect. While this incident tarnishes our badge and, therefore, the image of our Department, this is an isolated incident and should not negate the dedicated and important work our women and men do each day serving this community.”

In the footage a resistant male falls to the ground saying, “I ain’t gonna make it easy for you guys.”

Officer Adam Huot can then be seen grabbing mans handcuffed wrists and dragging him 90 feet through a steel door striking the man’s head.

The incident took place in the Tech Village Parking Ramp in downtown Duluth.

Arbitration found the officer’s use of force was unreasonable and violated the department’s policy and training, but despite these findings the arbitrator ruled that Officer Huot should retain employment.

The City disagrees with this ruling and is appealing the decision to not terminate the officer to the District Court.

Mayor Emily Larson expressed her support to terminate the officer.

“We will continue to do everything in our power to sustain this termination by pursuing all appropriate legal remedies in response to the arbitrator’s ruling. We remain committed to building an organization that views its roles and responsibilities as a service to the community. My thanks to Chief Tusken and his staff for their thorough and swift response to this incident, and for their continued commitment to honoring their mission and values of serving the public selflessly, with respect and dignity.”