[WATCH] Video Shows Bexar County Deputies Wrestling Sick Deputy to the Ground

SAN ANTONIO – A Bexar County Sheriff’s deputy is recovering after being restrained and stunned multiple times by another deputy at the Bexar County Jail.

A source contacted KENS 5 after witnessing the ordeal almost two weeks ago.

The BCSO employee tells us the sick deputy was mistaken for someone who was being disorderly.

Video shows the aftermath as the corporal struggled to free himself on September 29.

The video also shows Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) officers holding down the corporal who was handcuffed and had his legs shackled.

A sergeant is heard on the video saying, “He just popped him, he just popped him on my orders.”

According to an internal document obtained by KENS 5, a SERT officer used a Taser on the sick corporal three times.

The video shows Taser prongs still in the corporal minutes after being deployed.

The memo says this all started when the Sergeant found the corporal standing up against a wall.

The Sergeant told investigators the corporal was acting strange and ignoring him.

The Sergeant, according to the documents, ordered a SERT officer to pull his Taser, which was then deployed when the officer says the sick corporal tried to hit his leg.

“Take me out of the handcuffs, they’re cutting off my circulation. I’m asking for a little bit of help,” said the corporal while deputies tried to get him on a gurney.

According to the internal document, the corporal told investigators, “I was feeling dizzy, trying to hold myself up on the wall. I was spitting up blood. I didn’t have any time to respond.”

The corporal went on to say, “I have had this happen before, but I was taken care of by my fellow, first shift officers. I wasn’t wrestled to the floor and cycled for 3 times.”

According to a daily blotter obtained by KENS 5, the Sheriff’s Office said “Due to a medical condition an officer had to be restrained.”

The corporal was eventually transported to Downtown Baptist for treatment.

Source: http://www.kens5.com/news/local/exclusive-video-shows-a-bcso-deputies-wrestle-sick-deputy/482882770