WATCH: Video Shows Kansas Cops Tampering with Man’s Home Security Camera

WICHITA, Kan. – Wichita Police said they are investigating the actions of two officers who were seen tampering with a man’s home video camera. The incident happened late Sunday in the 1400 block of South Market.

Surveillance video showed one of the officers adjusting the camera, pointing it away from the front door.

Police said the incident began when they were called to a possible domestic violence call at Via Christi St. Francis Medical Center. Police said hospital staff removed a house arrest anklet from Brandon Prouse and a disturbance followed. A woman told hospital staff she was concerned for her safety and they called 911. Police could not find Prouse and the woman at the hospital, so they went to his home in the 1400 block of South Market.

Police spokesperson Officer Charley Davidson said officers knew Prouse had a history of violence and domestic violence and they moved the camera due to concerns about their safety. “When an officer can articulate safety concerns, I am supportive of their decision,” WPD Chief Gordon Ramsay said.

The Officers’ body cameras recorded the incident and the video will be part of an internal review.

A Wichita man isn’t happy after a police officer tampered with his home surveillance camera.

The homeowner posted the video on Facebook asking if anyone else thought a Wichita police officer messing with his security camera was strange.

We still don’t know why this happened. Police sources are telling KAKE News one thing and the homeowner another.

Kameron Prouse woke up Monday morning and immediately noticed the surveillance camera on his porch was turned the wrong way.

His security video shows what happened. Around 11:30 Sunday night, two Wichita police officers walk onto his porch. One of the officers reaches up and turns the camera away.

“That put me in fear for my family,” Prouse said.

Less than two minutes later the officers leave.

Prouse says he was sleeping and never woke up to a knock. He’s afraid of what could have happened if he did.

“When they moved that camera… I couldn’t see who they were. So, had I opened the door and there was a weapon in my hand then it would’ve been a confrontation between me and the officers,” he said.

We showed the video to defense attorney Charlie O’Hara.

“For an officer to think that it’s okay for him to turn the camera away or hide the camera I think it’s inexcusable,” O’Hara said. “I think most policeman would not turn a camera, and I’m surprised that that happened.”

The Wichita Police Department is aware of the video, and is investigating.

Late Monday, someone with the department called Prouse and said the officers were at his home because someone called 911 anonymously to report a domestic disturbance at Prouse’s home

“I’ve never had a complaint on me, nobody in my family that I know of. So, I don’t understand where that come from,” Prouse said.

Police went on to tell Prouse the officer turned the surveillance camera away to protect him and his partner from a possible ambush.

“That’s my security. That’s what helps me sleep at night, and if you take that away from me like they did then it’s a fearful world,” Prouse said. “If I can’t feel safe in my own home then where are you going to feel safe at?”

A police spokesperson says the department is investigating and will provide more information Tuesday.

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