WATCH: Warrensville Heights Officer Speaks Out After Facebook Rant About Police Shootings Goes Viral

CLEVELAND – Former Warrensville Heights police officer, Nakia Jones spoke to News 5 about what life has been like since her opinions on Facebook regarding police brutality and the people they serve went viral in 2016.

“If you wanna make a difference in the situation, you got to get in the situation,” said Jones. “I spoke up, I did the right thing and this is what I get? The African American community is on edge, the Hispanic community, even white people.”

Jones said the video of Alton Sterling, an African American man in Louisiana, who was killed by police left her son afraid of the police.

Jones spent 15 years with Warrenville Heights. She was terminated last fall after she was accused of fraudulently using sick leave. In March, Jones filed a federal suit.

“I knew why they fired me,” said Jones. “Because of the video.”

Jones said an injury kept her out of work.

Watch the video by Nakia Jones that went viral in 2016.