WATCH: Washington Man Gets $100K For Getting Punched, Tasered and Bit by Police Dog

A Washington man who was repeatedly punched, Tasered and bit by a police K9 during a 2014 arrest will get a $100,000 settlement for the beatdown.

The city of Tukwila, Wash., agreed to settle the civil rights lawsuit filed by Linson Tara, who was the victim of excessive force when cops attempted to arrest him for yelling and screaming in a UPS freight yard.

The suit not only won Tara compensation for his injuries, but also challenged the constitutionality of the city’s use of police dogs as a “pain compliance” technique, which the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal called “the most severe force authorized short of deadly force,” according to the Seattle Times.

Tara’s encounter with officers Brent Frank and Mike Boehmer — both named as defendants in the lawsuit — occurred on Aug. 22, 2014, when UPS employees called 911 to report that he was “walking around, yelling and dancing,” according to the criminal complaint.

Police attempted to arrest Tara, who was not a UPS employee, as soon as they arrived on the scene, as shown on a dash cam video taken from Frank and Boehmer’s police cruiser. The video captures Tara initially resisting arrest and the ensuing several-minute tussle with police officers.

Frank punches Tara several times in the head before Boehmer fires Taser shots repeatedly into his stomach at close range.

After Tara is on the ground and subdued, the officers let their police dog, Ace, out of the cruiser and let him snarl and bite at disarmed man’s butt and legs.

“On the video it appears that Mr. Tara is unconscious,” the lawsuit says.

Tara was taken to the hospital following the aggressive arrest, where he was treated for dog bites and other injuries.

The Tukwila police department found the use of force “within policy” and the officers faced no consequences for the arrest.